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Aqua Detox  $45.00

Far Infrared Sauna  $20.00 /30 mins.

Ear Candling  $25.00

Muscle Testing  $25.00/hour

Athletic Recovery & Repair  Consulting

Cellular Healing   Education Free

Environmental Education Free

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Currently working out of The Wellness Studio located at Mears Point Marina overlooking The Kent Narrows Bridge, Mears Point Marina Pool, and located above Island Athletic Club Overlooking Kent Narrows!  I am so excited to share a beautiful space with Dr. Alicia Kovach, Chiropractor and Monika Armbruster, Licensed Acupuncturist. 

A quiet place to explore the Possibilities of Enlightenment!!

Business Owner in Talbot & Queen Anne Counties for over 20 years!

Chesapeake Women's Network Talbot & QA Counties.

Previous Chamber Member of Talbot & QA Counties.

Talbot Interfaith Shelter 

Haven Ministries