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The Body is Meant to Heal Itself but in the Crazy Day & Age, Our Bodies are having a tougher time.  Come and Experience a More Natural & Subtle way to Recover and Repair from Life's Daily Grind with Detox Services for the Body, Mind and Soul.  There is a Different Kind of Pampering that is taking Center Stage for those who are looking for the Ultimate in Recovery and Repair from Life's Major Illnesses to An Athletes Recovery after hard competition.  More and More People are looking for Non-Invasive Ways to Heal Faster, Look YOUNGER , Feel YOUNGER, & Be Younger At A Cellular Level! 

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Redox for Illness, Athletes, Skin&Beauty, Anti-Aging

Enhance Wellness

Aqua Detox

Far Infrared Sauna

Ear Candling

Muscle Testing

Athletic Recovery & Repair

Cellular Healing  

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